Spoked offset hand wheel drawing
Spoked offset hand wheel
D1D2BRL1L2HMaterial3 Spoke Offset Type
SolidRev.w/o HandleSolid HandleRev. Handle Iron410006 000120 0001222
Cast Aluminum410007000121000123 Iron410018 000136 000138
Cast Aluminum410019000137000139 Iron410030 000152 000154
Cast Aluminum410031000153000155 Iron410032 000164 000166
Cast Aluminum410033000165000167 Iron410044 000176 000178
Cast Aluminum410045000177000179 Iron410050 000188 000190
Cast Aluminum410051000189000191 Iron410062 000200 000202
Cast Aluminum410063000201000203 Iron410074 000216 000218
Cast Aluminum410075000217000219 Iron410084 000232 000234
Cast Aluminum410085000233000235
16.02.751.001.252.754.1254.064.12Cast Iron410090 000248 000250
Cast Aluminum410091000249000251 Iron410094 000256 000258
Cast Aluminum410095000257000259 Iron410098 000264 000266
Cast Aluminum410099000265000267


Material Specifications:

  • Hand Wheel; 356-T6 cast aluminum or class 30 gray iron
  • Solid Handle;  12114CR steel, polished to high luster
  • Revolving Handle; 2011-T3 Aluminum, polished to high luster
  • Rims are machined and polished to high luster
  • Hubs, dia and faces are machined true to bore and are concentric with rim
  • Hand wheels conform to MIL SPEC. MS21312
  • ​Unmachined surfaces of cast iron wheels are painted primer gray
  • Custom machining available (i.e. special bores, keyways and cross holes)
  • Special finishes (i.e. plating, anodizing and painting available)


  • Please email sales@yumacinc.com
  • Please indicate part number, material, quantity, along with contact and ship-to information.
  • A Yumac representative will contact you within 24 hours to review your order.

*Handles are available here